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The heat pump is a maintenance-free source of thermal energy. It enables an efficient and ecological heating, domestic hot water heating, swimming pool water heating as well as cooling/air conditioning. It is suitable for new buildings as well as also older houses.
The control system xCC controls not only the heat pump but also enables one to regulate at the same time the entire heating system. The basis of its system is equithermal control. There are five possible ways of controlling, distant administration/service via internet which has become the standard. By all systems of our heat pumps, it is possible to use the function equithermal curve auto-adaptation.
The operation of the backup source controls the xCC. For a backup source, it is possible to use the existing as well as new heat sources (electric boiler, gas boiler…). The user can set several conditions for initiating this source, and therefore limit significantly its expensive operation.
The controlling by xCC enables the synergy with the heat pump to control the future heat sources (solar panels, thermal fireplace lining and solid fuel boiler), thereby increasing the effectiveness of regulating the house.
The heat pump is suitable for below floor heating and also radiators or their combination. The most optimal way is the heating system with a temperature gradient 55/45°C and lower. If the older heating system has a higher temperature gradient, our systems can solve it – they automatically switch to an alternative service and during the necessary period will only use the backup source.
With the heat pump, cooling is also possible. For cooling, the fancoils are used which can heat in the winter season or provide air conditioning.
For year-long heating of service or supply water it is possible to set an output limitation for continuous and more effective heating (higher COP). The sanitation of the storage tank is now an industrial standard. For its disposal there are also additional functions which enable the adjusting and controlling of the circulation pump.
xCC controls swimming pool water heating and its filtration. At indoor swimming pools it also controls the temperature of the swimming pool hall depending on the pool water temperature (for restriction of condensation).