AC Heating Heat pumps Convert AW

- Air-Water
- Continuous regulation ( Inverter)
- 7 Years Warranty
- One Phase Heat Pumps
- Three Phase Heat pumps
- Output range 6 Kw to 28 Kw

Heat Pumps for large applications

- Nursing Homes
- Apartment blocks
- Leisure Centres
- Hotels
- Office Buildings
- Schools
- Pig Farms
- Restaurants / Pubs

Controls xCC

- Equithermal regulation
- Auto-adaptive options
- Control of heat pumps
- Control of heat distribution systems
- Controls via Computer/Tablet/Smart
- Individual solutions
- Controls of different heat sources
- Smart Houses Interface


AC Heating heat pumps - smart and comfortable heating from all points of view.

AC Heating heat pumps are used in wide spectrum of applications heating of family houses, nursing homes, hotels, shops, leisure centers or restaurants. In addition maximum comfort and controls, AC Heating systems has compared to conventional systems very low running cost.
The heating system is the heart of your home. There are a number of options for home heating.
Some sources of heat are inexpensive on running cost (solid fuel, wood or coal boilers), others work silently (electric, gas/oil boilers) and some are more environmentally friendly (biomass boilers). Only heat pumps have all the above characteristics at one time, it's maintenance-free and very reliable. This is the reason why we use heat pumps as heat source.
Our company specializes in the design of heating systems using heat pumps, including complete building managment controls.
On our website you will find clearly arranged information about heating hydraulics connected to heat pumps. We will advise you on how to properly choose a heat pump and control system.
Our company has had hundreds of installations of heat pumps at home and abroad. We offer to share these rich experiences with you. Due to the substantial number of installations we have more than enough practical experience. We are able to design and install a heat pump system as a full heating solution, including controls of the heat distribution systems.
We provide professional consultation in the field of heat pumps, completely free.



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