A bet on modern technology pays off - 7 year warranty

AC Heating heat pumps gives direction to the market.

In 2009, we were the first to bring this innovation - variable power heat pump equipped with frequency converter (inverter), onto the Irish market. Since 2010, our heat pumps are fitted as standard with AC Heating's latest control system x Cascade
Control (xCC), which represents a completely new approach to the issue of measurement and regulation of heat pumps.

With this control system, we can successfully implement to individual and custom applications. Thanks to this advanced technology, AC Heating heat pumps are more fuel efficient, quieter, less difficult to install and have a longer lifespan compared to most conventional heat pump systems.

For this reason as the only company on the Irish/UK market providing a full guarantee for 7 years. The control system xCC mutually facilitates technical support, because it can be connected to the Internet. Connected systems are configured and diagnosed remotely, without the assistance of a customer.

High level of technical support is something that each of customers can relay on. Helpline (00353 58 23749) is available if you need help with settings or other aid. When checking on feedback for technical support, 80% of cases are successfully solved on the day of reporting the issue. Another 15 % of requirements is met by the next day. The remaining 5 % of cases, is resolved within two days.




Revamped Showroom

We are happy to Introduce our newly revamped showroom.

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Historic Wexford guesthouse switches to air source heat pumps

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Energy Show 2015

The Energy Show is a FREE to attend business only event. We have a full schedule of free events happening at the Energy Show 2015.

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