Single Phase Air-Water Heat Pumps

- Houses with heat demand of up to 13.5 kW
- New build and retrofits
- Convert AW6 – AW16

Three Phase Air-Water Heat Pumps

- Houses with heat demand of up to 25 Kw
- For new build and retrofits
- Convert AW14-3P – AW28-3P


Cascade Heat pump systems

- For Building with high heat demand
- For Leisure centers and swimming pools

AC Heating Heat Pumps Convert AW

Heating constitute the largest part of the operating costs of every building, that's why we design heat pumps Convert AW and their regulatory system XCC with utmost care and caution. AC Heating heat pumps Convert AW continuously changes its output using an inverter, therefore they do not require any buffer tanks. They can be designed for a full heat loss of the house, reducing or eliminating of operationally expensive bivalent / backup heat source. Variable power control and appropriate sizing guarantee optimum operating parameters, a higher coefficient of performance, an extended life-span and lower operating costs.

As the only company on the Irish/UK market to offer heat pumps with variable speed range with out put of 6-55 kW. The models can also be connected in cascade manner for large applications such as Nursing Homes, Leisure Centres or other with high heat loss. Devices are available in single-phase (230V) and three-phase (400V) .TOSHIBA components are used as standard .

You buy only what you use!

The wide range offered by AC Heating heat pumps Convert AW xCC regulation system allows you to design for each individual building solutions. Our platform is open and allows you to combine different types of existing and new components. It is always more economical to adapt the source of heat and controls than to modify the heating system according to the requirements of the heating source. This leads to significant savings in capital costs. Unnecessary buffer tanks, unused integrated hot water storage tanks or electric elements within heat pumps are past. Our systems allows combining all components ( including existing ones), and in the future to add or exchange.

The regulation system xCC

The regulation system x Cascade Control ( xCC ) controls the heat pump and the entire heating system, and all accessories. It is very accurate, extensible and it's easy to use. Its use significantly increasing the efficiency of whole heating system by tens of percents. The base is weather-compensating control .

Because of our philosophy, AC Heating heat pumps Convert AW are highly efficient and reliable.

  • We use only the highest quality components proven and tested.
  • We use sophisticated smart regulation that allows the setting of a large number of operating parameters.
  • We analyze data from installed systems and respond to comments from our customers.
  • We Optimize control algorithms so as to achieve the desired thermal comfort in the building at the lowest temperature of the heating water and the lowest possible heat pump performance .

For easy access to controls we use a single user interface that is clear and accessible via internet, Ethernet or mobile phone network .

Flexibility and logic in regulation

Regulation system xCC is highly variable. It allows easy settings of individual elements of the heating system. This flexibility brings significant savings in implementation and operation.

5 control options

The control system xCC has 5 control options :

  1. Indoor unit screen,
  2. Programmable thermostat,
  3. Computer (via web interface),
  4. Mobile device (phone, tablet ...),
  5. Touch LCD colour display.

The regulation system of the AC Heating heat pump Convert AW can easily connect to the Internet via local network and control it using a computer, tablet or mobile phone remotely. The system doesn’t have to be connected to the internet to do so. The user can use all remote management and always have everything under control.


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