Large Hotels, Guest Houses, Leisure Centres

Accommodation and leisure facilities have usually high heating expenses for a number of reasons:

  1.  Heat sources that use expensive fuels,
  2.  Lack of controls,
  3.  Lack of management,
  4.  Human factor.

We have solutions for all of this issues. Using AC Heating systems in these facilities has big impact on the running costs as the source of heat is much more affordable. The regulation system xCC is not only controlling heat pumps but it is also used for accurate regulation of temperatures in all destinations. You can for example set up to set back heating in unoccupied rooms, preheat the swimming pool for lower night rate tariff, control domestic hot water secondary return circulation or the heating can automatically switch off in the hotel room if somebody opens a window. The system's self diagnostics and remote management totally maximizes the efficiency.

Another benefit is our sophisticated regulation system xCC AIR, used for leisure centres air handling units. This can easily interface with regulation xCC. The two systems than work in perfect harmony, maximizing comfort and efficiency. It's not an exception to achieve less than 2 years payback on investment if implemented in facilities where oil, kerosene or LPG is the main source of heat.

If you are interested in any of these solutions, contact us, and we will prepare a proposal for your application.




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