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One of the major decisions when building a house or during its reconstruction, is to choose a suitable heat source. Technical requirements must be taken into account for the installation of individual heat sources, and also carefully consider the economic criteria. These are in addition to the purchase price:

  • operating costs with regard to growing fuel prices
  • regulation/ controls
  • expansion options
  • life span
  • return on investment

Considering the above, the heat pumps are one of the best options. When compared with conventional sources of heat, such as oil or gas boilers, heat pump systems have about 2/3 lower running cost. When compared to solid fuel boilers, there is a major advantage of removing workload associated with heating and much higher thermal comfort. If you take into account labour connected to these, the savings compared to standard heating systems oil/gas are minimal. For specific economic evaluation please contact our specialists, who work with you to establish the technical and economic analysis of the operation of the heat pumps.

We base differences of different principles of heat pumps on our wide experience. Air-Water types of heat pumps are usually chosen because of ease of installation and a favorable ratio of operating costs and initial investments. The option of ground-water models with ground collector is about 25-35 % more expensive, the version with a geothermal borehole bring the capital cost even higher by about 40-60 %. Increased investment includes the cost of groundwork associated with ground collector or borehole and equipment to retract heat from the earth. Benefit for this increased investment is higher COP. The annual average is higher in the ground collector by about 10% and geothermal borehole up to 25 %. Considering the acquisition and operating costs, there is an economic balance between variants Ground-water and Air-Water. The slightly lower running costs of Ground source plant (only in cold climate areas) in comparison with higher capital cost of purchase and installation gives typical payback of the extra capital cost compared to Air-Water systems of about 15-25 years. Thus, on the border of lifespan of the ground-water plant.

If you do not live in extremely cold climatic areas (eg Canada, Alaska), then the heat pumps Air-Water are the best choice (with respect to the initial investment and operating costs).

When making a first draft for the heat pump system, there are number of aspects that has to be considered. It is necessary to take into account the appropriateness of the heating system, the temperature gradient, the demand for domestic hot water and heat supply requirement for other heat appliances, which can be for example, air handling units or heating the pool water.
An integral part of the design is the selection of appropriate regulation/controls, not only for heating source/s, but also the entire heating system.




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